MATV & IPTV System


Internet Protocol television (IPTV) System:

The system uses IPTV protocol to broadcast through your local LAN network to deliver the Television content to end users. Users need Set-top-boxes, which convert IPTV signals to High definition video streams.

This system uses middleware software to provide services to users like the multi-channel view at the same screen or provide Information as weather forecast, date and time …etc.

This system also can provide Video-on-demand, which usually used at the hotels.

TECO has been awarded many IPTV projects latest project Bernis Airport.

 IPTV Head End

The most significant contracts/projects that have been fulfilled by TECO :
  • Alex.Airport  
  • General Prosecution New Building
  • Buildings of the faculties of Al - Azhar University - Luxor
  • Aden Hotel  -Yaman