MATV & IPTV System

Master Antenna TV system


A master antenna TV (MATV) system is using input from an output of two or more satellites and combines their output using Multi-switches channels to a group of users. the system is consist of antennas which may be two satellite dishes or more and terrestrial, this system compose of Quattro LNBs, Coaxial cables RG11 or RG6, multi-switches, and RF/IF amplifiers. The users need a receiver at every TV outlet.



A Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV), this system uses Head-End, The Head-End uses the output from satellite receivers and combine them to one output which can be distributed by using amplifiers, splitters, and taps to the outlets, users don’t need a satellite receivers at every outlet they use the TV tuner to change between channels.

This solution is a convenient way especially for small and medium-sized community systems like hotels and hospitals.


MATV Head-End 

TECO provides a complete solution for MATV equipment and IPTV Systems.


The most significant contracts/projects that have been fulfilled by TECO:-
  1. Golden Pyramids Plaza
  2. Port Ghalib Core Project
  3. Golden Cost Co Supplying of A/V Package for Crown Plaza Hotels
  4. Golden Cost Co. Supplying of A/V Package System for Crown Plaza Hotels
  5. Raya Holding
  6. Golden Pyramids Plaza -A/V Package for Holiday -inn.
  7. Square Co. A/V Package for Health Club -Four Seasons Hotel project
  8. El Asmakh Contracting w.l.l - (A/V Package) for Moevinpick Tower& Suites at West Bay Area Project -Doha -Qatar.
  9. Port Ghalib Core Project
  10. Golden Cost Co Supplying of A/V Package for Crown Plaza Hotels
  11. Golden Cost Co Supplying of (A/V Package System) for Crown Plaza Hotel Project.
  12. International Conference Center –Sharm El Shiekh – Egypt
  13. Sheraton Heliopolis –New Ball Room Cairo – Egypt
  14. Four Seasons Hotel at San Stefano project Alexandria – Egypt
  15. Golden Pyramids Plaza – Audio Visual Package – Cairo - Egypt.
  16. Port Ghalib Congress Center.
  17. Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) - Kuwait.
  18. Moevenpick Hotel – Sana’a – Yemen
  19. Moevenpick Hotel – Doha – Qatar
  20. Moevenpick Hotel – Gaza – Palestine
  21. King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST)– Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
  22. Princess Nora University (PNU) – Riyadh
  23. King Saoud University (KSU) – Riyadh and Jeddah