Year : 2009

King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST), was one of the most challenging Mega Audio Visual Projects for TECO, where the study for the project was made in Egypt for a French MEP Contractor, Technical Negotiations were made in Switzerland, and Contract Signing between the French company and Egyptian Company was done in Lebanon for a project located in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

TECO was selected by Capelec among other AV integrators in the Middle East to do the complete Design, Engineering, Product Selection, Installation, Programming, Commissioning and startup for the whole AV package, while Capelec would supply all AV products which were selected by TECO.

TECO dedicated a big team of professional AV engineers, and technicians to this project who moved to Saudi Arabia and spent around 6 months to finish all required works.

Many of the  AV integration companies in Saudi Arabia, expected that TECO would not continue in the market after accepting KAUST challenges, especially this was the first project in the Middle East where Digital Video switching and transmission was implemented (DVI – I) in the year 2007, in spite of all technical and logistical challenges TECO was very successful in this huge project and we delivered our complete services on time and made it work.

Consultant: - Saudi Aramco

Owner:Main Contractor:Saudi OGER

MEP Contractor: CAPELEC Middle East


AV System Integrator: - TECO

TECO Scope of Work: AV works 




King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) – Jeddah.

King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) – Jeddah.

Class Room AV Equipment showing Video Conference, (Qty 2) 65” LCD screens with overlay one for local presentation and another one for the remote site, & Microphone system.

Laboratory AV Equipment showing (Qty 2) Video Projectors to project on (Qty. 2) Motorized screens and One 50” LCD screen for the instructor at the back side + Audio System including microphones for all students.

LED Panel installed in the University Board Room.

102” LCD display with overlay, Microphone system, & Video Conference in Meeting Room.

AV slideable rack installed inside furniture.

Touch Screen Control Panel to control all AV functions, AC, Lighting, and Shades.


Over 150 AV Racks were assembled and wired on KSU Project site.