What We Do


The first step is to talk to our Clients, listen to what their goals are, answer their questions, and then develop a strategy & plan of action. This stage provides the foundation that will guide the project from the start to finish.


Our clients come to us sometimes with complex challenges that need solving. That’s why we take the time to fully understand their business goals, their requirements to design an innovative solution to satisfy their challenges. We use the Latest Simulation software and CAD tools to design our systems and overcome any unexpected response or challenges as we have our Electro-acoustic Design Center since 1991 which is well equipped with the latest Software and Measuring Instruments.


We implement and deliver a comprehensive scope of integrated solutions that meet our customer's demand. Our technical capabilities, extensive experience and knowledge of the market needs, as well as our partnership with leader Manufacturers in the areas of Security Systems, Communication solutions, Audio Visual Equipment, and Evacuation Systems, enable us to develop integrated solutions that can work in integrity, to meet the dynamicity of our customers’ needs. We have all calibrated measuring tools and equipment to test our installations and verify our designs.

Support & after Sale Service


Any reported problem in any system supplied by TECO is always given the highest priority. Our Clients are at the heart of our business,  and we’re here to solve their business problems based on SLA contracts. We’re focused on one thing – achieving their goals, no matter how complex the project or the problem is.TECO has its officially Certified Service Center, which is totally dedicated only to the technical service of all the equipment handled by TECO.T his Service Center is equipped with a huge base of genuine spare parts and components imported from the suppliers. The Service Center is also equipped with all the essential testing and measuring instruments for the repairs and faults location.