Sound Systems


  In view of our very long experience in this field, since 1979, we were supported by a very clever and honest staff of TOA Japan, and we got deep training on Sound System design.

Later we got good contacts with ALTEC LANCING which was very recognized Sound System manufacturer and supplier who started very professional Acoustic CAD program for acoustic simulation. 

Then later, we contacted with AHNERT the developer of EASE program, and we got the first version of EASE around 2004, and we continued using the program from that time until now. Our efforts continued to improve our deep understanding of this subject by utilizing all the available testing and measuring instruments to evaluate and measure all the basic sound norms eg:  SPL, frequency analyzers, reverberation time, STI(sound transmission index) and so on.

The scope of the sound systems comprises the following subsystems: 

  1. Electro-Acoustic Simulation & Design
  2. Public Address System
  3. Background Music System
  4. Public Address and Voice Evacuation System.