Audio Visual Systems



  Audio/visual (AV) technology is one of the most influential and powerful means of communication in today's market. From corporate communications and operational centers to entertainment venues and houses of worship, high-quality audio/visual (AV) solutions keep us informed, engaged, and deliver an impactful message.

We at TECO offers the latest equipment in Audio, Visuals, Projection, Sound Reinforcement, Digital Signage Solution, Video Conference, Audio conference, Simultaneous Interpretation. We offer reliable and creative solutions backed with the latest technology & excellent customer service.

We only provide equipment from trusted brands that have exceptional quality and high durability. The extensive range of branded products is constantly updated, to reflect the latest developments in multimedia projectors, flat screen displays, interactive presentation technology offering reliability, high quality, and exceptional value for money.

TECO collaborate with the most reliable A/V control solutions in the market, we design a working system for all your needs. From small switchers, distribution amplifiers to large scale matrix switchers, we can provide the needed for small scale project to the biggest in the industry.

We help you design, engineer, integrate and manage collaborative Audio Visual Integration (A/V Integration).

 Integrated Audio Visual Systems were introduced to the Egyptian market early 2000’s, at that time other competitors were just selling individual equipment and systems such as Video Projectors, Sound equipment, Conference and interpretation. TECO won the first fully integrated AV package for Intercontinental City Stars Hotel in Heliopolis and TECO was selected among other local and international companies to execute the job.

Just after we finished our first fully integrated AV project TECO was selected by the owner of Movenpick Hotel in Sana’a (Capital of Yemen) to deliver a similar package as Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo.

Slowly but steadily TECO was recognized locally and regionally as one of the biggest Audio Visual Integrators and was selected by name to execute a lot of different Mega Projects in Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordon, and Syria ranges from 5000 spectators auditoriums, Congress Centers, Luxurious hotels such as (Four Seasons, Kempinski, Movenpick,  Fairmont), universities in Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia and Royal offices in Saudi Arabia. Recently TECO finished the Audio Visual Package for the new St. Regis hotel in Cairo.


The scope of the Audio Visual Systems comprises the following subsystems: 

  1. Audio Conference System
  2. Control System and GUI Interface.
  3. Digital Signage System.
  4. Video Conference System.
  5. Video Projection System.
  6. Sound Reinforcement system
  7. Simultaneous Interpretation System.


The most significant contracts/projects that have been fulfilled by TECO in Audio Visual Packages:

  • Golden Pyramids Plaza
  • Port Ghalib Core Project
  • Golden Cost Co Supplying of A/V Package for Crown Plaza Hotels
  • Golden Cost Co. Supplying of A/V Package System for Crown Plaza Hotels
  • Raya Holding
  • Golden Pyramids Plaza -A/V Package for Holiday -Inn.
  • Square Co. A/V Package for Health Club -Four Seasons Hotel project
  • El Asmakh Contracting w.l.l - (A/V Package) for Moevinpick Tower& Suites at West Bay Area Project -Doha -Qatar.
  • Port Ghalib Core Project
  • Golden Cost Co Supplying of A/V Package for Crown Plaza Hotels
  • Golden Cost Co Supplying of (A/V Package System) for Crown Plaza Hotel Project.
  • International Conference Center –Sharm El Shiekh – Egypt
  • Sheraton Heliopolis –New Ball Room Cairo – Egypt
  • Four Seasons Hotel at San Stefano project Alexandria – Egypt
  • Golden Pyramids Plaza – Audio Visual Package – Cairo - Egypt.
  • Port Ghalib Congress Center.
  • Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) - Kuwait.
  • Moevenpick Hotel – Sana’a – Yemen
  • Moevenpick Hotel – Doha – Qatar
  • Moevenpick Hotel – Gaza – Palestine
  • King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST)– Jeddah – Saudi Arabia
  • Princess Nora University (PNU) – Riyadh
  • King Saoud University (KSU) – Riyadh and Jeddah
  • Princess Nora Abd Rahman University
  • The AUC New Campus Development Project
  • Airotel -Cairo Airport
  • Sheraton Soma Bay Hotel Ball Room
  • Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Ball Room
  • Intercontinental Hotel - City Stars Complex
  • Vodafone Network Management Center
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Congress Center
  • Moevinpick Hotel - Sanaa
  • Moevinpick Hotel – Gaza
  • Four Seasons Hotel- San Stefano Complex
  • Extension of Sheraton Heliopolis Hotel
  • Civil Aviation Club
  • Raya Holding Head Quarter- Executive Board Rooms.
  • Movenpick - Doha.
  • Port Ghalib -Marsa Alarm.
  • Gust University Project-Kuwait
  • Misr for Central Cleaning Depository -PA System (Orascom)
  • Misr For Central Clearing Depository -Orascom (Audio Visual)
  • The AUC New Campus Development Project-Audio Visual Package.