Communication Systems



  As the Founder of TECO served in the Signal Corps in the Egyptian Army, the background of the company when it started in 1977 was to provide communication systems and TECO started a business to provide old PABXs based on old crossbar technology which was available in these old days.

In early 80’s TECO introduced the Intercom Systems to the Egyptian market and the Top Leaders in the Egyptian Army recognized the importance to have such Intercom Systems and TECO was the Sole supplier over decades for the Intercom systems to all departments and units in the Egyptian Army, and when Technology changed from Analogue to Digital TECO kept following the technology and introduced the IP Intercom Systems.

By the beginning of 21st Century, the IP networks became a dream of every client to have all systems running on same cable and TECO again followed the technology and started to provide structured cabling as one of its Total Solution to its clients.

An Important Communication System which was rarely recognized in the Egyptian Market was the Nurse Call System to provide communication between patients and Nurses and this system was all about pear switch near the patient, lamp outside patient rooms and buzzer panel at the nurse location, TECO was the first company to introduce the Audio Visual Nurse Call system in the Egyptian Market; Now TECO provides Full IP Audio Visual Nurse Call system integrated with Real Time Locator (RTL) system.

The scope of the Communication Systems comprises the following subsystems:-