Architectural Dimming System



TECO Provides a complete range of computer-controlled dimming panels and lighting control panels for hotels, malls, conference centers, office buildings, and auditoriums. Dimming systems can be controlled by keypads, touch panels, and occupancy sensors.

TECO has successfully handed over the Dimming Systems of the Le Meridien Hotel (Cairo Airport) and now TECO is maintaining the Dimming Systems of the Hotel via Service Level Agreement (SLA).

TECO was successfully handed over dimming systems for many projects such as:

  • Dimming System for Cataract Hotel (Aswan).
  • Dimming System for Bar Fly Restaurant (City Stars).
  • Dimming System for SODIC Building.
  • Dimming System for New Ball Room of Four Seasons (Nile Plaza).
  • Dimming System for TS Yuang Restaurant (Qatar).
  • Dimming & Lighting Systems for Movenpick Hotel in Sana’a (Yemen).
  • Dimming & Lighting Systems for Movenpick Hotel in Gaza (Palestine).
  • The Ballroom-Fairmont Towers (Phase-I) &The new BallroomExtension (PhaseII)
  • Airotel -Cairo Airport
  • REMCO Company, Stela-De Mare Tourists Village
  • Gulf Egypt for Hotels&Tourism (Stage Lighting &Dimming Systems) for The Ballroom-Fairmont Towers (Phase-I) &The New Ballroom Extension (PhaseII).
  • Siemens- Supplying of ( Sound, Audio Visual & Dimming Systems) for Cataract Aswan Hotels (Old&New).
  • Al-Marasem International for Development supplying of Dimming& Audio Visual Systems) for Airotel -Cairo Airport.
  • Stella-De Mare touristy village.

Recently TECO has awarded the Dimming Systems of Almaza City Center Project.